The NYSC write-up; ENDURANCE

The NYSC write-up; ENDURANCE

Mr Musa a native of Jigawa had no choice of his family of birth who are farmers and his diligence in these major had no comparison. Animal husbandry in the hot atmosphere of Jigawa could be labelled “quintessence of endurance”; the chasing of cows, feeding them, feeling for them and also understanding them. 

This trade which so many have given up on has helped Mr musa become the highest cattle rarer in his community.
What really is this endurance? It can be explained as; 
A state of surviving; remaining alive
The power to withstand hardship or stress

Whenever endurance is mentioned, what looms 1st is stress and discomfort. A man that was handed a machete and faced with a massive bush, will within hours turn the site to a leveled ground. 

Every human has a bush to be cleared and the machete is our individual skills, ability, talent, albeit, the power behind the machete is determination and endurance to pry through life’s hurdles to overcome, awaiting the next. 

The non educated Mr musa deemed a positive result and was not disappointed at the end. One salient thing about endurance is, it makes you stronger and better. The latter success from it is also sine qua non. 

Every corp member is in one way or the other learned and with us all, never having a “faculty of endurance” in our various alma maters, are urged to try to always put on the “breastplate” of endurance to enable us crest our names on the good books of the nation in any of our endeavours whether in the rural areas or metropolis.

The NYSC write-up; ENDURANCE

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