15 Advices That Would Help a Corper Pass Out Successful

15 Advices Would Help Corper Pass-Out Successful nysc

For a person to succeed, it is better to follow the faith of those who successfully went through the same path. Below are some advices that if adhered to would not only make a corps member pass-out successfully, but also making him/her enjoy the service year.

  1. 1. Tolerance/Endurance:

    Service most times could be going away from your comfort zone which entails that some sort of luxuries or treats which you’re already used to, will be omitted or skipped. There are some things people will ordinarily not tolerate or endure but owing to the nature of the NYSC scheme where different people with diverse characters are brought to serve, one should learn to tolerate and endure.
  2. 2. Health is wealth:

    This particular point is divided into two. First is the use of mosquito net. Yes! There are mosquitoes in most (if not all) localities of the nation, but not in same proportion. No matter a corps member’s state of deployment, mosquito net is essential. Secondly, be conscious of what goes into your body; water and food. Since you are going into a new environment, try to step up your game in personal hygiene.
  3. 3. Locate a medical clinic/centre:

    No one prays for an emergency, but that does not mean one should not be ready for any. Locating a nearby clinic/centre is necessary in case of emergency.
  4. 4. Humility:

    Irrespective of where a corps member is posted; metropolis or rural area, humility beats pride. Humility in the community of service is beneficial and pride on the other hand could spoil the image of the serving corps member, making the community refuse the Corper aid in times of need.
  5. 5. Avoid religious/political argument:

    One of the objectives of NYSC scheme is bringing about national unity. It is better for a corps member to ignore or avoid any form of religious/political argument because everybody cannot have the same ideology or belief. Every corps member should desist from imposing beliefs or ideas on their colleagues.
  6. 6. No fighting:

    Fighting is prohibited. It would definitely tarnish the image of the family you represent.
  7. 7. No stealing:

    Stealing is prohibited. Try always being contented with whatever is yours so you don’t implicate yourself.
  8. 8. Be diligent in service:

    Every corps member should endeavour to report to duties on time, obey the rules and regulations of your employer and imbibing self-respect.
  9. 9. Decency in dressing:

    no one is saying a corps member should adopt a new culture, but every corps member should dress decently always.
  10. 10. Avoid snatching colleague’s date:

    You may wonder why this is on the list, well we’ve heard of many cases where issues like this occur. There are enough guys and ladies to go around, so stop trying to eat various soups with your eba.
  11. 11. Do not over save:

    sometimes you wonder why people would rather save money than eat reasonable meals or take good care of themselves or some always trying to eat from others while their money laid rest in an account— GREED.

This intent to save has caused much grief. Let me deviate a little for instance; after saving, a person losses the money unproductively or for those that move from room to room for free food; eat kobnomee (love potion).


Enough deviation, where was i? No 12


  1. 12. Be security conscious:

    Know your surrounding or service environment so you could identify a strange face. Also locate a security post to help in any form of anomalies.
  2. 13. Avoid late nights:

    Most Corpers are posted to places they are not familiar with. The best bet is being at your residence before nightfall. But if it happens to be coincidences, try to always walk with people at night.
  3. 14. Serve God:

    Acknowledging the presence of a supernatural being is most definitely a great thing.

Whichever religion you believe in, just serve God.

  1. 15. Know that there is life after service:

    Beware of what you do because NYSC is not the end of life. Try to act right and live peacefully because you don’t know who you would render or receive help from.
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Submitted byBenjamin (not verified) onJul 28, 2017

This is concise, informative and most importantly not boring. I've got from this post the most hilarious and at the same time meaningful quote 'so stop trying to eat various soups with your eba.' lol......Nice one guys!!! Tiri and a half gbosa for you! Nysc-cds.com

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