No. Early registration doesn't influence your mobilization. The stream allocation is automated and as such unpredictable.

Yes. The NYSC Management made it a prerequisite for NYSC Camp Courses following the casualties recorded in NYSC Camps in 2016. How to get required medical certificate for NYSC Batch B stream II

Camp activities often comprise of Registration, Physical Activities (Drills, Martial Art, Man ‘O’ War), Lectures, Skill Acquisition programme and Social activities. Read more

You are entitled to a transport/bicycle allowance as would be stated in your call-up letter as well as your first month statutory allowance right there in the camp.

There are no special benefits or privileges granted to paramilitary graduates in camp however participation in Parade may have some plus depending on the Camp and Commandant.

You are only expected to come to the camp with the original and photo copy of your call-up letter, Statement of result, your green card also 8 passport photographs and valid institution ID card.

There are no assigned roles for paramilitary graduates in NYSC Orientation Camp but a paramilitary graduate may choose to volunteer to command Parade or Colour Party in NYSC Orientation Camp.

Statutorily, the camp usually run for a maximum of 21 days (3 weeks) except otherwise stated.

NYSC Service Year FAQs

Yes! With written application to the Camp Director through your platoon officer/commander stating the reason for which you want to leave.

The last digit in your NYSC state code (not call-up number) is your platoon, e.g a CM with state code 001, will be in platoon ONE and so on.

It is expected that Corps members carrying out personal CDS project submit at least three (3) progress reports in line with the phases of project implementation. Read this    

No. Only a food flask, spoon, drinking cup not made with breakable materials such as ceramics and glass may be allow. Read this

No, You'll be assigned PPA on End of Camp Passing-Out-Parade (POP)

No.  Corps member’s individual CDS activities should be carried out during Corps member’s spare time and must not affect his/her official responsibilities in the place of primary assignment and group CDS activities.

Yes. To ensure proper documentation, guidance and supervision a proposal must be forwarded as stated in this handbook and approval received before embarking on project implementation. 

Schools (Primary, Secondary, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, Universities), Hospital, clinic Government Ministries and Parastatals, Private companies/firms excluding oil companies, shipping companies and banks except on special cases.

Ideally, no establishment private or public has the right to reject any corps member posted to them. In any case where you are rejected, contact your local Government inspector immediately, there and then you should be reposted to another PPA after all necessary documentation.

PPA means Place of Primary Assignment

Provision has been made already for every kit Items you will need throughout the camp. These kit Items will be issued to you as soon as you are done with your registration. For convenience additional 1 or 2 pairs of white short, T-shirt and a pair of white canvass, waist bag will be very appropriate. Read this


No! This is because, every Corps member must be committed to his/her group and ensure full participation in their activities for maximum output.

It depends. In most States, It is the responsibility of Local Government Inspector to assign Corps members as appropriate except in cases where the Corps member joined a specialized group in camp and has been trained for his/her assigned role. Read this

The award is based on performance. Your motive for doing project should not be for an award. The over-arching objective of every CDS project is to contribute to the well being of the society, to leave a mark of honour and a legacy wort.