Essential skills to learn while serving as an NYSC member


The skills about to be discussed are the essential skills to learn while serving as an NYSC member.

The one-year mandatory service is a long time so instead of living the routine like going to school, church, CDS, etc. you can spice it up by acquiring a skill.

If you intend to learn a skill, then you have no better time than your service year. 

If you have little or nothing planned for your service year, here are five pieces of advice that you should consider:

Essential skills to learn while serving as an NYSC member


  1.  Training and proficiency in basic computing skills:

 As the world is now overwhelmingly digital, some basic skills are needed to keep up with the technological trend. If you have no prior experience with computers and their operation, you should start by training for and gaining proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

This is just a start as; you will need more than these three to cope in the coming days. One year is enough for you to learn whatever basic computing skill you need.

  1. Web Design:

This is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Many businesses need a website to advertise their products and services. If you acquire this skill, you may never need to job-hunt.

  1. Graphic Design:

Novelists, companies, writers, bloggers, etc. need the services of graphic designers on daily basis. The advert banners and fliers you see on the internet are graphic designs.

  1. Driving:

The importance of this skill cannot be over-emphasized. You may lose out on so many opportunities if you don’t know how to drive.

  1. Phone repairs

Imagine how many people use phones in Nigeria. These phones in the long run develop faults and need repair.

If you acquire this skill, you are sure of money every day.


Finally, these are not the only skills you can acquire. Pick what catches your fancy and learn. As the saying goes “make your passion your work and work will be fun”.but if you have non in mind, try one or two of these and thank me later. 




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